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At the Viticultural School at Montpellier in france they have raised one vine of Riparia seedling which is the best resisting known and from this single seedling selected. from many thousands they are now raising millions of cuttings, all of the same quality
I have written to the Professor and also sent two pounds for those cuttings. Should I get them we can propagate them indefinitely by cuttings all of which will be perfectly true to the characteristics of the mother plant, and perfectly Phylloxera resisting.  -  
I also take the following from, Le progress Agricole et Viticole some months ago and am sorry to say did not take the date

Gloire de Boaga
The Gloire de Boaga, exhibits almost the same characteristics as its parent, the Portalia, but judging by its extraordinary vigour, the size of its leaves, the dimensions of its stem, the length and thickness of its branches, and above all the development of its root system.
The Gloire de Boaga is as superior to the portalis as the portalis itself to the ordinary Reparias.  This plant is sure to replace all the Riparias in soils which which do not contain too large a proportion of of lime.  
The cuttings of a year old are from 7 to 8 yards long taken a branch at random of a four years old vine measured 11 yards long it has stood the test of Phylloxera.  Strikes root with care, takes the graft well and has a vigour unheard of before.


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