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Paris 33 Rue de la Madelaine
Saty evening 27 Oct 1855

Messrs Donaldson & Lambert

Dear Sirs,
With reference to my letter from Bordeaux requesting that you would be good enough to cause to be deferred the packing of the wine I wished to have forwarded to Paris I beg to say that I returned here last night only, and take the earliest opportunity of addressing you on the subject --  Upon the subject of the prime cost of the wine I now beg to enclose a duplicate invoice from Messrs Donaldson & Co Sydney by which you will perceive that £13.13.6 expenses are to be added to the costs of the wine at London --  That cost is stated in gross £196.0.0   But taking the quantities stated in a detailed list furnished by my brother,  I find that at the price of 8/ per cask for the Muscat, and 5/ for the other wines, it should amount to £194.10. only [indecipherable] £82 for the Muscat and £112.10. for the other wines.

Current Status: 
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