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area of some 450 acres within the Cumberland and Camden districts: the above number being however a small portion of the existing plantations of vines:  the present inquiry will have lasted since the 27th April last say four months, during three of which the investigations were tendered somewhat more difficult by the low temperature prevailing or otherwise delayed by rainy weather, and in some cases, by the long distances to be travelled over between various vineyards.
The immediate results of the inquiry are that no insect has been seen outside of five vineyards situated, one in the Camden district and four in the County of Cumberland, representing some 15 acres within a radius of four or five miles: but there is every reason to expect that, in accordance with what took place in other countries, similarly inflicted, the disease although not much developed , is in all probabilities, in a latent state within several other vineyards in the immediate vicinity of those where the insect is actually

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