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me to supply some of my friends who are most particular in there selection.  I could then compete with those who will at all hazards make Wine to gratify the taste & not maintaining the purity of the Wines.   I am glad to learn that the Casks  reached you safely and that Vintage so far is drawing near completion.  I have an additional stock of Empty Wine Casks Sherry & Quarters.  I am daily expecting 30 Octaves of those I mentioned some time ago.  The prices for these Casks are outrageous.  But I must secure them or they will go up the Hunter   I find here a general enquiry for Octaves of Wine --  Its a great [indecipherable] that the other [flax?] cannot be brought into use.
Noting your remarks about he a/cs. I have agreeably [to?] your desire made up my accounts shewing a balance in Books to your credit. brought down on 31st March £293..15..2.   The enclosures  

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