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You will be glad to hear that both my Father and Mother are in good health - My Brother William is at Kissingen in Germany where the good people are foolishly cutting each other's throats to see who is to be the biggest potentate, the Prussian or the Kaiser.  Charlie [Barton?] is a pater familias having two sons the eldest six years old!!  My children are growing up - my eldest daughter being [Sixteen?], ce qui donne à réflection; and I believe all that all you have met here are alive and well with the exception of poor Mr. Edward Lawton, my uncle, whom you may perhaps remember and who died rather suddenly about a year or fourteen months ago

We occasionally taste at my [indecipherable] house a bottle of your wine which has kept perfectly well and is in good order; we do not find it equal to the finest wines of this Country, but it is a very nice beverage and I am not surprised that it should be so much liked in Australia and commands a ready sale - I suppose the vineyards have increased rapidly of late years and that the production of wine is in consequence very much larger.

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