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Merryland Bringelly
[2o?]  Sept /67

My Dear Sir William
This will be handed to you by Frank Clarke the bottler I have great confidence in commending this person to you he is [indecipherable] & trustworthy, I have not had one single occasion to find fault with him - in settling for 13 weeks work @ 30s/ I gave him £3 as a bonus -
Should you wish to fine any wine he will do it for you well - for some time I prepared the fining myself, but latterly entrusted the preparation to him, & he managed them better than I could - one improvement he made was putting in the finings before they were quite jellyfied, I believe however much you may beat them up with the whisk the solid pieces never become so liquid as before of course the mixture is cold before it enters the cask
I send

Sir William Macarthur
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