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[indecipherable] tons or 700 hhds nearly, 1st wine which at much higher prices 6000f. a Ton, have returned to our hands & to that of the trade.  We have paid Latour & Ch: Marg. & the same price, and find it easy to place the 1st, 2nd, 3, 4 & 5th growths at corresponding figures in England [say?] £70..50..40..35..30.. pr hhd down to £11.. pr hhd for the lowest shipping quality.  The 1859, have been an inferior wine something like the 1849, with about one half less wine than in 1858.  We have had a very indifferent time of it this year till the solstice and since though the weather is a great deal better, the vines are much retarded.  The [indecipherable] is much attacked by oidium & very successfully protected by sulphur; but too few proprietors (much as the number of those who do sulphur their vines is increased) use sulphur.  There are many more grapes than in 1858, & it is probable an average quantity could be got in, if the plague [indecipherable] stayed.  This is the case in many places when sulphur has been employed with judgement in Medoc

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