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Bordeaux 7th February 1856

My dear Sir,
It was with great pleasure that I received last week your kind letter of 2d Inst.
In compliance with your request I send you the Invoice of the different wines & things you ordered; these including the modification made in the order for Leoville claret 1847, you will find have been attended to, and having stated the amount in Francs, have got this amended into £ sterling in case you prefer paying in London to remitting to us here.
Out corespondents are Messrs Sandeman Forster & Co 20 Swithins Lane [indecipherable] Mr Brown of Sydney, or Messrs C. Hopkinson & Co 3 Regent St, but you may when you think proper send us Messrs plerries Farquhar check or your [indecipherable] Check on plerries Farquhar whenever it suits you which will do as well.  
I thought you would like independently of the Invoice as an acct. have a legible list of the articles for Coopers work and their prices separate for reference in case of need you will find that list also enclosed.
The samples of Claret we sent you I am glad to hear got safe.  You are quite right in preferring the Laugoa [Lagoa?]1851 to the Pichon.   Pichon is a very good wine [indecipherable] owner & his friends have talked it into a position which it does not deserve & the consequence is that once a comparison is made a good deal of glory so acquired disappears.  I think I have no prejudice in the matter and am sure if no comparison were made the Pichon would be much applauded; but so it is with the Leoville if put by the side of no other superior wine; but the moment it is possible to make a fair comparison Lafitte would beat Leoville.  I regret much Mouton utterly failed in 1848, for it would have been worth the while to compare it with its fellow Leoville of 1849.
It will be a great satisfaction and may be of much advantage to [my house?] to be put in communication with your Club at Sydney and I thank you for having written to them.  I believe they will find at any [indecipherable] they will get the best of the wine they may ask for.  I have made kit my business and my sons after me to be able to supply the best claret, Burgundy & Champaign that can [be obtained?]

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