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Sydney  19. Novr - 1855
James Macarthur Esqr

Dear Sir:  I sent you a cask in good condition to be filled with your 1851 (verdallo & quais) & which I hope you will be good enough to [send?] it me back by the earliest opportunity.  As I told you I intend to make some experiments with it because its cleanliness soundness & total absence of any decided taste lead my to think that something could be made of it at a trifling expense & without much trouble.
In the mean time I will thank you for sending me 2 doz. bottles of that remarkable Hoc or Renish wine of yours I tasted at your table.
You will let me know the amount of those things I will send to Messrs. {Doums?] & Co. to be put at your credit.
I hope that any thing you want to know about wines, Wineyars &c I will be very happy to answer at any time
& believe me Dear Sir
Your most obt. Servt. -
A.A. de Ayala


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