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I send you a sample of the isinglass [indecipherable] I am of opinion  that the [indecipherable] is important in making the film formed by the finings & [indecipherable] to the bottom -  I took one of the casks of say 100 gallons [indecipherable]  gallons which appeared to enable the fining [indecipherable] & left out the bung for 12 hours, then filled in the wine bunged it up & did not touch it for 3 weeks at least, then drew off about 6 bottles & allowed another 4 or 6 days to elapse before I commenced to bottle -  I prefer the isinglass to the [indecipherable] chips the acid used in the latter is so very difficult to [indecipherable] & I think must be injurious to our light wines.
I enclose a memo of advantage of selling our wine in bottle instead of wood, even if we [indecipherable]

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