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21. Great Winchester Street
London 13th May 1875

Sir William Macarthur
Camden Park
New South Wales.

Dear Sir William
Referring to the enclosed duplicate of our Mr Lincoln's respects by last mail, we now beg to wait upon you with Invoice, Note of Disbursements, and Bill of Lading, for the undermentioned Goods shipped to your consignment pr "Leander", Captain Knight, by your order and for your account and risk - viz: -
J & W McA.
S ----------1 Hhd Sherry
          "     1   "     Port
P -----------6  Cases Claret} from Barton & Guestier, Bordeaux
Sydney.    3       "  Brandy}
WMcA     21.     "  }
Samples    1  Box}  Burgundy from C. Marey & Liger Belair, Nuits
W McA       1 Case Books from Bernard Quaritch Piccadilly

The Port and Sherry - both of which are properly Cased, cannot we think,  fail to meet with your approval, but we leave  the quality to speak for itself, merely adding that in executing the order, your instructions have been carefully adhered to.
You will observe that the freight, which is payable in the Colony, is unusually low, amounting on the entire shipment, less than the freight on the Burgundy alone, from the Continent.
We further beg to enclose a Statement of Account - shewing - including six months interest, 

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