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Bordeaux  14th April 1878

My Dear Sir William,
I have before me your friendly and kind letters of 28th Jan. and 18th February last and am glad to see that your pen is that of ready writer and to hear that you are well - You seem to have been guided by a [sort?] [indecipherable] light in addressing your letter to me as I am the only one remaining of those who had the pleasure of seeing you here in former days - Charles [Bartry?] died in the autumn of 1871 and my father and brother died at a few days interval about a year ago - My Brother had been ailing since several    [indecipherable] but my Father who was 81 years of age was as well as possible the morning of the day he died, and passed away almost suddenly in the evening -  He must have caught cold during the day looking after his plants in the Country.  My Mother had departed also in the autumn 0f 1873 so that all our family circle has been broken up - I am now alone here and with only partner Bertram Bartry who is in London -  My eldest boy who had volunteered during the war and had gone over to America afterwards

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