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Consulat de France

Dear Sir William;
I sent you by the mail the last book published in [Paris?] on Wine & Wine Making, wishing it may prove useful to you.
Your handsome present has been very much appreciated by my friends in [Paris?], & I believe your name as popular in the high circles of [Paris?] [indecipherable], [Larget?], [indecipherable] the owners of the best claret Wynyards.  I took care to offer it to persons who, by their position, are able to receive people, among them I will name: Mrs Billault, [indecipherable], Baroche, Delangle, Bondet, (Minister of the Emperor) Thiers (who reminded having spoken to you at the Paris exhibition) Bon de Billing  Herbert Gueronet (Director at the foreign affairs) [indecipherable] & & &.  I will show you a note from Mr Billault, addressed to me at "Briacon", in which he expresses his high satisfaction in drinking

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