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Sauvignon & Malbec but was not quite so sure about the Verdot.  They have another Black grape called "Merlot" which I am inclined to think is the one we call Verdot, it is the most esteemed of the two.  The two varieties of white grapes most preferred are the Sauvignon & Semillon.  We had the former amongst our Bordeaux sorts but I am not sure it has been preserved.  It came without name.  Amongst M. Bonchereaus vines greatly disfigured by the vine disease I had no difficulty in recognising the following - one Ancarôt is "La Fitte" of the Charente "L'Enrageat" of the Gironde - makes a worthless wine, but all the fine Brandy of Cognac is its produce.  Our Syras [possibly Syrah] or Hermitage is rightly named, Riesling - Do. - Pedro [Ximenez ?] from [indecipherable] = do.  The "Furmint" from Tokay we had under the No. 57/3 ("Tokay de Hongrie") 56/2 which we also call Tokay appears to be the Guilland Musque (Herault) & Muscat Ton blanc (Dordogne).  The Caebernets are also casked "Vidures" in various parts of the country.  In making white wine they like to mix several sorts together provided all be in right state of maturity and good sorts.  They care not how many.  From M. Bonchereaus I walked with him over the grounds of two of his neighbours which adjoin at short distance.  They are country residences, the one of M. Dufour formerly Mayor of Bordeaux with some extent of vineyard and a sort of Park in English style and the other that of his Sister in Law Madame Dufours charming spot.  Both were absent but I could not but admire the taste with which the latter spot was laid out.  By far the most beautiful place I have seen in France.  Both magnificent [indecipherable] disposed in picturesque groups and in great variety.  The lady, a young widow, it seems is very fond of England & everything English, and certainly she has continued (or someone for her) to make out of stiff French woods a lovely little English Park & pleasure ground.  I could have spent hours in wandering over and around it.  My Host assured me that whenever he felt lonely he had only to

[indecipherable].  I only want you to know what they realy are.  The whole quantity will not exceed £ dozn.

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