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bearing, amongst others Dr Kelley, confirm Bailey's statement about Palomino & Sweet Water being apparently identical.  [Belperround?] author of a Geelong prize essay calls the Sweet water "Royal Chasselas" - I do not find it by either name in Busbys catalogue - Can you tell me where came from, to Sydney ([indecipherable] had it from your [indecipherable]). I mix it in the proportion of 1/3 Sweetwater to Verdelho; being a [indecipherable] action fermenter it answers the purpose pointed out by you of Gouais, & assists the Verdelho in its fermentation.  I think myself that the Sweet Water is a good white wine grape.  the specific gravity with me is as high as that of my sherry grapes or in fact higher (for instance the last vintage it stood at 111.6) and the wine I have made from it conforms me in this idea provided it is not fermented on the skins, a process I eschew altogether with my white wines.

I have lately got a large number of cuttings from Bailey of your "Sherry" imported I believe by yourself from Spain - can you tell me what its Spanish name is - Bailey says that it nearly resembles the Belas blanco

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