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he appears to have tried Champagne wine making in Sydney, about 3 years ago and was employed at Hamburgh making "imitation" Champagnes
The plan adopted by him is to prepare the wine in wood (not bottle as the French make it) then its bottled and fit for use in three or four weeks.  He does not produce any references in Sydney, in fact he looks like an unlucky gold digger.  I do believe you would not think favorably of him.  If you should think it worth while for me to try him, I could set a quarter cask of wine aside & let him make a trial.  He says the white wine will do well. I am very anxious to produce sparkling white wine  It would do I believe well like a sparkling Hock
I shall be glad to know of the safe arrival of the two engravings.
I am Sir
Yours faithfully
R. Hutchinson

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