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character, you have intended to do us a service.  The upshot of all these precautions or Ireland, is Dear Sir; that my house of business, has always declined the execution of private orders in England Scotland & [indecipherable]; confining itself to shipment for the wine trade. We [indecipherable]. more liberty as regards the colonies of Great Britain and India and [indecipherable]. it would give us great pleasure to send to your Club, on private [indecipherable]. in Australia, and I feel grateful for your having thought of us; for it is an important thing for our house to be known & feeling as I do our superior ability to do justice to all comers for Claret an extension of business in so growing & respectable a quarter is most acceptable under your auspices & this I say wd give us gt pleasure but in London or in Scotland unless it is with persons in the Claret trade or in the wine trade, I have no hesitation in saying that it is not desirable that for us it will be better to decline respectfully & gratefully your kind offer.
You may say, perhaps after reading this part of my letter; why [therefore?] send me the samples & I proceed to state that having to state [indecipherable]. the on;y way for me not to be misunderstood was to send them.  I further think that with your wish of studying our wine and your habits of thought, my better plan even if any thing to be sent by us to Australia later, was to send these samples; respecting which I am ready to give you any further explanation you may think is worth your while to ask for.
I hope in this age of facilities for thought & labour & when people hate detail so much that I have not been too full on this matter of form as it were, & I throw myself on your indulgence if I have erred.  I ??? a further mission if you would submit to the infliction of [indecipherable]. white wine; in which samples of [indecipherable] as well of [indecipherable].as [indecipherable]. as well as of inferior growth could be sent you in half bottles

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