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Jas. McArthur Esq

Dalwood near Maitland
24 Nov. 53

My Dear Sir
I enclose you Capt "Bests' letter upon our shipment of wines per Vimeira -  You will be much disappointed as I  believe your experience heretofore of shipping in wood has been most encouraging -  Was it the smallness of the casks which caused the damage?
I have a commission from my friend Mr Everett of New England to send him a hogshead of wine by his dray which will be in Maitland about Christmas - would it be convenient to you to furnish me with Muscat, Reisling or Bordeaux of the same as that sent to Captn Best - and at no great advance in price - I could be a customer to the extent of two hogsheads.  My Dear Sir
very truly yours
G. Wyndham

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