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bottled as tight as we do it here - I feel inclined to send a wine a trifle drier to ensure a quality which will keep well.
Your letter to Count Liger Belair has been forwarded.  He is living and his [indecipherable] on as formerly.  We will write to him to ship what he has for you to Messrs Donaldson Lambert London "in transitu" so that the whole lot may go together.
We are very well pleased with the wines of 1874 and the crop has been the largest known in Medoc  - Unfortunately it has not been so abundant in the lower [sorts?].
At Beychevelle we made 1000 [indecipherable] Barton at Leoville [or?] Langoa 1600 - and despite of this quantity the whole crop was taken up immediately at high prices and prices have been on the increase ever since.  Chateau Lafite was paid £[indecipherable] fresh from the vat (per [indecipherable]) -  the second growth in proportion and we consider we will do well for our friends in keeping our accustomed prices for fine vintages without any increase - The consumption of Claret has become so great that there is no large stock remaining in the country of any year and it would require at least another (if not two) very abundant crops to bring down prices.
I hope to have the pleasure of 

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