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9. Bridge St Sydney
29th Sept 1857

The Honbl
Jms Macarthur M.L.A.

Dear Sir
Your esteemed favor of the 28th Inst. with       of Mr A. Hodgson's letter duly reached me and will have my best attention in shipping the wine to its address by first going vessel.  At the same time I will advise Mr Hodgson --  I am pleased to know that the shipment pr Newton from London reached Camden safe without a missing package.  I suppose the two stagsheads left in London will overlooked at ["Burges & Kings"?]
Herewith I enclose you Mr Francis (copy/account forwarded to him.  I have only this account against him this current half year.  Mr Rolleston called on me and paid the amount of Mr Hughes' acct. for the [vines?].   I will not fail to send out the accts referred to in your note & will duly [indecipherable] you

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