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Book "Maro" on the Vine, is the truest guide ever published for N.S.W. Cultivators (Vignerons)
It is not in print (Extant)
I write to ask your permission to reprint & publish it
I should only add a preface acknowledging the author with portrait and short Biographical Sketch copied from"Men of the times" or compiled from the records of the Council, of course submitting such preface to you for approval before publishing.
As an appendix I should add a few remarks from my own Experience with the Phylloxera and Oidium [indecipherable] which diseases had not made their appearance when Sir William wrote. also upon the pernicious habit of pruning with the knife: this lazy fashion of pruning introduced by the French & Germans has considerably facilitated the spread of Phylloxera for the scissors imperceptibly cracks the [indecipherable] and thus admits the

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