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Camden Wednesday [indecipherable]

My dear James,
I have met with so many interruptions to-day that I have not had time to do what I had proposed.  The enclosed Cheque on the Commercial B for £10.0.0 came this morn from [indecipherable] Macdonald on account of one of the Ravensworth    [indecipherable]  I cannot work [indecipherable] until I see you I will bring it down tomorrow.
[indecipherable] will be in Sydney on Monday with 12 Cases containing 42 dozn wine & 1 Case [plants?]  I shall advise him to call at the Club as I know not where the ship is taking on the horses but [conclude?] at the Circular Quay.  Will you order 1 Can Oil turpentine [indecipherable] by him & there is a box at the A. A. Cos wharf which [indecipherable] might bring up - if not [indecipherable] can.

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