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However as I am aware you do not borrow people's thought and proceed when you act on your own plan & convictions formed deliberately on study & information, I merely say in addition, that I am ready to follow any direction you may transmit me & shall do so with great pleasure.
With respect to the [indecipherable] Cunninghamia which you are kind as to promise me if you could have it left on an early Day directed to me [indecipherable].packed at 14 George Street Mansion [indecipherable]. place, stating it is to be shipped as early as possible, my young friend Charles Barton will do the needful & send it here by first steamed.  Pray accept before hand my thanks for the thought as well as the deed of filling up this deficiency in my incomplete collection of foreign trees.
I hope the wines for Australia & the different [indecipherable].you asked to be forwarded to Mr Cooper got safely to London that the transhipment was effected in good condition - precaution was taken here to facilitate your agent's action in the matter; but, these steamers promise so many things and realise so few, that I feel desirous of knowing from yourself, that all has turned out conformably to your wished.  The customs too I hope have not been too troublesome !  I send you besides the annexed note, a couple of price current [indecipherable]. by post a printed prix courant general et legal, which you can compare with ours, their prix court general & legal merely mentions prices [indecipherable]. so that the merchant, profit & expenses are to be added thereto

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