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be very useful to the wine grower &c, and I know no person who would be better able to make this than "Maro".

From the names of the grapes to go to their fermentation – one of my neighbours who like myself is a cultivator of the Verdeilho has succeeded very well in the fermentation of the Verdeilho by adopting Kercht's plan – viz, fermenting the juice in casks about ¾s  full, putting in the bung loosely and as the emission of carbonic acid gas becomes weaker the bung is put in closer, as soon as the nose can be borne at the bung hole, the bung is put in tight for 24 hours, and at the expiration of this period, the wine is immediately racked off.  In about two months the wine thus treated, becomes quite fine and clear and Trimmer (my friend & neighbour who has adopted this plan) has sold it at about 7/6 a gallon in the first year – It is very much liked

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