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Bordeaux 2th June 1866

My Dear Sir William,
I have been continually on the move that I find I have allowed montly & montly to pass away without thanking you for your kind letter written nearly a year ago -  I was not here when the order for the Australian Club was sent out but I believe that the wine will be liked and every attenting has been given to the Shipment - To do justice however to the Claret it must be given a good rest before being used and it must be borne in the mind besides that age in bottle doubling the quality, allowing must always be made when tasting the wine in comparison with a similar wine of an older which has now perhaps arrived at perfection.
By an oversight which my [indecipherable] at the time [explaining?] the balance remaining in our hands of the £100 remittance was not employed as you suggested and I was afraid of making such a very small shipment as it would have

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