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Dresden 27th feb. 1852

My Dear Sir!
I wrote to your brother the colonel the 13th febr. pr Harris farquhar & Co in London, giving him information respecting the cultivation of wine and the opinion of several wine growers of my acquaintance who have tasted the sample of wine from your vineyards.  As probably you might be induced to communicate  those remarks to one or two of your winedressers I send you a copy in german of those informations attended to above.  I shall  take the first opportunity to taste with my friends the rest of the samples I received from London and will not fail to report to you their observations, in case there should be a difference from the others.

[written in another hand]
How are you placed with the present appearance of things in Australia ?  Do the diggings inconvenience you by having lost some hands?  Please to give my kind regards to your lady, [indecipherable] Colonel your brother William,  believe me always 
My dear Sir
Yours very sincerely
H [indecipherable]

The above is a view of my Mansion house at [indecipherable]

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