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Sydney, February, 18th 1847

Messrs J & W McArthur

Dear Sirs
We Shall feel obliged by you Sending us immediately if possible, Four Hogsheads of your best white wine.  We could Sell a much larger quantity of that wine if we could afford to reduce the price as low as 12/ pr dozen instead of 16/.  We are opening such a quantity of bottles, as Samples, in order to make the wine known, that the price of 16/ pr dozen does not pay us for our trouble.  We therefore should recommend you to consider if it would not be more advisable for your interest to invoice your wine at 3/ pr Gallon.
Our object in now ordering four Hogsheads is that we think it is not giving the wine a fair chance to Sell it So Soon after bottling,
We remain, Dear Sirs
Very faithfully yours
Joubert & Murphy

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