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for a year and hoped to come back via Australia has had to return and is now in the office where I hope he will soon take a leading part.  He has just married one of our Cousins Miss [indecipherable] a very nice person and with good property.  As you may suppose I have plenty to do.
I have been looking over your order for the keeping up of your Cellar and on reflection as you kindly leave me to do the best I have made up my mind to send you 1868 and not 1870's as the latter have only been bottled a year and are not yet in form - I propose sending you:

4 dozen Ch. Langre          1868  [indecipherable] 12 £
4    do  Ch. de Beychevelle  do 48  9.12
4    do   Batailley                   do 36  7.4
6    do    Brandy                    do 40  12..

which will make up the sum [indecipherable] by you as near as possible and which I believe will please you.  We have received the order from Australian Club for 2 [indecipherable] Claret and 10 Cases Pints - The last sent were wines at £12 per [indecipherable] and 10/6 per dozen Pints whereas the wines you got over in 1857 cost 23 [indecipherable] per dozen which makes a considerable difference in quality.  Luckily the wine may not have been

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