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Melbourne Feb 11th 1857

My Dear Sir
I have this day written to Mr Hutchinson enclosing [indecipherable] £70 for the wine which arrived safely and soundly.  I suppose as he in his letter to me asked me to send him at once a draft for the amount, either he was unaware that any question of credit had been discussed between us or that you considered this transaction a preliminary & exceptional one & not belonging to the regular series to which the terms we considered should apply.  I remember saying something to the effect that the first transaction [might?] be a cash one, myself, moreover
I have of course not yet bottled the wine so that we cannot tell quite what it will turn out, but it is now in very good [order?] all things considered, and one or two reputed judges who have tasted it approve of it highly -- particularly of the white wine of the vintage of 1855.  I am sorry that the supply of Muscat is so small as I think that would be a great favourite.
I had a pleasant voyage to Melbourne -- a severe thunderstorm excepted and found things "all right" to use a comprehensive phrase, but my long absence gave me

Jas Macarthur Esq M.L.A.

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