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Henry E. Bonnard,
Examiner and Recorder of Colonial Vineyards.
Analyst and Broker of Australian Wines
Sydney (N.S.Wales), Australia

be applied just before the insects lay their new eggs, thus considerably limiting the number of insects upon which the insecticide agents are to act, and thereby reducing both the quantity of chemicals to be used and the cost of the treatment.
I now beg to refer you again to the various suggestions offered in my report of 22nd August and I trust that you, as the adviser of the Government, and knowing the great interest you take in the matter, will succeed in impressing the Authorities with the necessity of immediate action and legislation -

I hope that my studies of the subject, and my work and report in connection with Bordeaux Exhibition  generally, including the Phylloxera question in particular, will prove useful to the Country.
In conclusion I beg to express my satisfaction of the attention shewn to their duties by Mr E. J. Edelfelt, my assistant and by the other persons employed under me for the Inquiry
I have the honour etc
Signed Henry Bonnard

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