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Shipped in good Order and well conditioned by J. & W. Macarthur in and upon the good Ship called the Rifleman whereof is Master for the present Voyage Duthie and now riding in the Port Jackson and bound for London
20 Twenty Hogsheads and 3 Quarter Casks of Australian Wine
[Markings] Mc.A.
               1/20 = 20 Hogsheads Wine
               21/23 = 3 Quarter Casks do
being marked and numbered as in the margin and are to be delivered  in the like good Order and well conditioned at the aforesaid Port of London (the Act of God, the Queens Enemies, Fire & all & every other Dangers & Accidents of the Seas, Rivers, & Navigation of whatever Nature & Kind soever excepted) unto James Macarthur Esq London or his Assigns. Freight for the said goods payable on delivery at the rate of Fifteen shillings per [indecipherable] with 5% primage
with Primage and Average accustomed In Witness thereof the Master or Purser of the said Ship hath affirmed to Three Bills of Lading all of this Tenor and Date the one of which said Bills being accomplished the others to stand void.
Dated in Sydney 17th September 1860
Weight & contents unknown. [indecipherable] patched with Lead for leakage or breakage.
James Duthie


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