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the date of your letter they have changed their consumption but the effect of the treaty of commerce could not be foreseen & the demand from England so much revived; that even with the present duty of 3[s?] pr gallon when in six months, we may expect the 1s duty to come into play; exports of claret to the United Kingdom have doubled. 
This treaty is a most sensible move on the part of the Emperor & in my opinion if he can maintain peace with England, is likely to consolidate his power for the present & his dynasty for the future, more, a great deal more, than any war, or annexation, or victory, he may wage or effect or obtain.
If and we have too many ifs, in France still [indecipherable] to all we project or do; if we could keep out of untoward ideas, in the chief of the State, & of the untoward events growing out of the same and of the chapter of accident from all the points of the compass; With the french temper & the Napoleonian [band?]; great progress might

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