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casks per week -- calculated
(Example)  The bond charges are 
on Butts 8d per week = 112 gallons
on Hogsheads  4d per week = 56 "
Quarter casks  3d per week = 28 "
A puncheon equal to 400 gallons would be more than equal to 3 Butts --
say 3 times 8d - 2s/ per week

I propose 8d per week for 1. Puncheon
Therefore if 10,000 gallons of wine be racked into puncheons it will give 25 casks. --

Rent on 25 puncheons @ 8d per week equal to 16s/8d say 52 weeks @ 16/8 equal to £43..7..8 per annum
Previous to my making the above calculation, I intended making a proposition to you namely, a contribution of 40 to £50 pr anm towards rent.
I hope & trust I have made myself here intelligible.  The result of your consideration will afford me great pleasure in knowing,         entire confidence from the [past, of the result being equitable in your hands,  Permit me to subscribe myself with heartfelt acknowledgment
Dear Sir
Your obliged & grateful
R. Hutchinson

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