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my object will be to sell at as low a price as possible to compete if I can with my opponents.  If they sell at 20/- I will sell at 18/- in such proportion.
I shall be glad to be placed in such a way that I can supply Wine to those persons who can only afford to give low prices and also to have a fame for holding the best description of Wine to suit the taste of those who are able to give an opinion. May I ask you to be good enough to do for me what you consider the most adviseable  -- The following order I therefore beg to submit and shall be obliged if you will execute it.

2 Hhds of White Wine
     1 of good Vintage & quality (1858 say)
     1       do                do    not so good a quality
2 Hhds of Red Wine
     1 of Full heavy description
     1       a thinner      do
1 Hhd of Muscat ----good

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