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Henry E. Bonnard,
Examiner and Recorder of Colonial Vineyards.
Analyst and Broker of Australian Wines

Sydney (N.S.Wales), Australia,
52 Margaret Street, Wynyard Square North.
September 1st 1885

Final Report to the Director of the Botanic Gardens, Sydney
I have the honour to remit to you herewith 36 reports numbered from 204 to 239 having reference to vineyards examined by me, about Ryde, during this month, up to the date of closing the present Phylloxera inquiry.
I have also the honour to remit to you Statement of my Expenditure during the month in connection with said inquiry amounting to £

I have now the satisfaction to say that after having visited 239 plantations of vine, representing some 585 acres in the Cumberland and Camden Counties, no discoveries of the insect have been made outside of those places alluded to in my letter of 22nd August but nevertheless, a much larger zone should be

Current Status: 
Ready for review