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your wine.  I have been very well received by all my friends in Paris and offered a higher situation which I declined, wishing to return to Sydney.  [indecipherable] told me, on this occasion, that [indecipherable] the first [Agent?] of foreign affairs whom I ever saw refusing promotion to remain where he was before.  on which if rejoined that I was too old a man to run after new friends, and that I was quite satisfied of returning amongst the old [men?].
We expect to go to Brownlow - [hill?] in the course of September next, and I shall take this opportunity to go to Camden Park and have the pleasure to see you.
Believe me,
Dear Sir William
Very sincerely yours
[signature indecipherable]

P.S.  I saw many australian friends in London, especially your Brothers Sir Edward & Mr James, Sir Ch Nicholson, George [indecipherable], Donaldson, Hamilton, & &. they were all well, and your niece is always the charming girl whom I knew before.

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