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having been Royalist & constitutionely; are the Thiers Casimir Periex, Decazes & all those parties who got associated to [indecipherable] our coal mines, Iron district & all that.  The Emperor however has acted with his usual determination & has had time to study their tactics.  No man [& no?] government was better fitted for the operation of their overthrow; which constituted as was our [press?], & our government when they were nominally & to a great extent free, could never have been effected.
You had heard I see that our 1858 Vintage had turned out well & been abundant.  The fact is so, the vintage is very good & I think will rank with the best, but the abundance is only relative for it does not surpass if it does attain the half of an average; but when you think we have had less than a quarter of an average every year since 1853, half is a great gain, especially when the quality assists. The price of course went high at once, but chiefly owing to an English speculator no less a person then the Deputy Governor of the Bank of England Mr Harry Dobree [buying?] Laffitte's vintage at 4000f pr ton.  There were

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