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I think the pupa (of Reedy) may be the young of the Phyll: from the [indecipherable]  I think the winged insect (of Reedy) belongs to something else.  a more genuine fly -- unless it be a variety distinct from the figured specimens.--
I have been working on a theory - either that the winged insect is not the American Phyllox, or if it is a Phyllox at all it is a very distinct variety.
What Reedy calls the "galls" -- [indecipherable] Eggs on the leaf. do not resemble the "Galls" as figured -- the former are perfectly spherical,  the latter are indented -- (?) are Reedys fully developed.  
Dibbs has gone from the Murrumbidgee [indecipherable] Carcoa or vice versa.  The [Ministry?] are doomed to go

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