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Bordeaux  27th July 1860

Dear Sir William
Your letter of 27th February 1859 was only delivered at my house in Bordeaux where I was staying ill, by your friend Mr Robt MacClay who could not call, but wrote a note from the Hotel, in March last.  Mr McClay promised to call later after a tour through Spain & the Pyrenees, and it is but lately he effected his promise.
It was with great pleasure I showed him our vaults & what could be shown him, for he left after a couple of hours with his two young friends, so that, none of my family or myself could accompany him to Medoc or show him the civility he was entitled to, & though I suppose he is now in England after having probably inspected our gt. National Cattle & agricultural show in Paris, I have not heard from him since his visit.  I have however written to him address, his Club, in London to give him some information

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