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brought round to as good and full bearing condition as they ever were, within the next two or three years, especially wherever water is available, and if the work is entrusted to competent hands, at a comparatively moderate cost, yet too high however, to expect growers of small means to incur it in full themselves.  the interest of the Country at large, justifying Governmental assistance on a liberal scale.
Although several, and indeed yearly treatments will be required for some period, the beneficial effects of such would be felt at once, provided however, there is unity and simultaneity of action, organised either by syndrical associations or under Government Control, the Growers being left absolutely free to manage the work themselves, as long as they do it, as advised and at the time required.
It is very much to be regretted that no steps have been decided before this day, as the present season is the one during which remedial treatments should

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