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Leamington  21st Nov 1854
Sir Wm Macarthur
etc etc

Dear Mr Williams
We duly received the samples of your Australian wines you were kind enough to send us and we are sorry to find we cannot at present take any of them as they are not yet fit for use.
We hope that when a few years are past the wine may become more matured and consequently more [saleable?] in this country that it would be at present and that then we may be able to have some of it.
We do not dislike the Muscat but we think it too young for use, and, also if we had it in this country we could not sell it at a price under £2 the dozen which would be more than people would care about giving for an unknown wine.

[Note added later]
Probably written in 1854.   W. Macarthur arrived in England in March 1855, was in Paris May - Dec. of that year, and was knighted in March

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