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Bordeaux 25 Aout 1865

My Dear Sir,
I do not like the letter of my house of business to go by this mail, without acknowledging your kind communication to my son who is now engaged & will reply to it after.
The sum remitted will not I think cover the whole of the wine asked for; tho prices do not [indecipherable] so high for wine, high as they have been; as you anticipated.
Your different observations respecting the choice of the Club, the [indecipherable] have had the greatest attention paid to them, & I am glad to find that the wine of 1848 & 47 have turned out so well, the latter year thin as it is, compared to the other, has lasted excellent to the present [period?] but it is giving way  even in private cellars from sheer exhaustion ... of the stock.
It was too good to last

Monsieur Bouchereau is in great force & does not appear to heed time [& its effort he is in truth an ever green & as keen in?] cultivating his vineyard

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