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than usual.  I am not sure that one of the sorts is not what we have [called?] the Verdot which in such case is correctly named but it was so late that there was no time [provoking?] to be in the midst of such a wine District at this moment & to find the vintage passing away without my being able, notwithstanding my efforts, to get a good look at the process.  The persons I am in the hands of are so busy themselves with their Banking & mercantile affairs they cannot go to the Medoc according to natural custom until the end of the week and they do not seem to like me to go alone.  I fear so small is the crop and so numerous the hands, it will be all over by the time I can get there.  It is 6 or 8 leagues from here.  It was barely light enough to allow me to take a glance round the Chard where the wine making was going on, I saw a row of huge vats for fermenting in, it seemed neither so business like, nor convenient as our own cellar at Camden, but I must not judge too hastily.  The fermentation was going on quite separate to the [indecipherable] upon the rest of the ground.  I tasted the new wine which was made up wine, and already deeper in color [indecipherable] being less [indecipherable] than our red wine.  They said it would be much deeper yet.  The whole concern, vineyard & cellar was in less tidy order than with us, particularly the vineyard which was weedy & neglected in look with high scrambling vines in no sort of order.  Some of the bunches of grapes which I saw were full 5 feet from the ground.  We left the cellars & found the "Palus" gradually getting stoney as we approached the steep track.  We then crossed the old high Road to Toulouse and immediately began to ascend the very abrupt "Cote" by a very winding road.  Mr Guestiers residence is beautifully situated on the Plateau perhaps 250-300 feet above the river, and from the grounds commands a magnificent view over the Palus, the noble river & the town opposite, a charming spot.  It was dark nearly when we got into the house.  Madame Guestier, two married daughters, their husbands, and other relatives male & female formed the party and the whole speak English

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