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Mr Cormack thinks that the Palomino is probably No 7 of Busbys Spanish collection which he called Machar Mudo from the [indecipherable] whence he procured it, the name having been lost -  Bailey supports that the Belas blanco (which name does not occur in Busby) is very likely the "Machar Mudo" - if you have got the "Machar Mudo" from Busbys collection I should feel very much obliged if you would give me a particular description of the vine and its fruit as it might help to clear up this point - I think I have heard that Busbys collection at the Sydney Botanic Garden no longer exists so that we cannot refer back to it.

There is another grape which I got from Bailey but it is not yet in bearing, the "white Hambro" he said it went also by some other name which he forgot, can you supply its synonyms?

Since writing the above I have learned that the whole of Busbys Spanish collection failed, we can therefore only conjecture the real name of the "Machar Mudo".

A list of all the principal vines with their synonyms and popular names in the various wine countries would


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