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before they have recovered from the Bottle [Sickness?], which is I think a chemical disturbance which occurs every time that these light Wines come in contact with the air.  This length of time between the purchase and the sale will always be a great objection on the part of retailers to have any thing to do with our wines on a large scale, unless indeed, as you mention in your note your intention of doing, that you could sell it at such reduced price, and convenient mode of payment as would enable any one to devote  a good deal of time and attention to the bottling, packing and sale of it not only here but also in the neighbouring colonies where I have no doubt in the course of time a considerable quantity would be consumed, provided it was got up in Good Merchantable Style and sold at a moderate figure say from 18/ to 21/ per dozen --
I have always had a god opinion of Australian Wines as a legitimate

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