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bills of Lading I think will be made out in obedience to your wishes to order of Mr John Cooper to whom on Saturday we intend to send them.
Being very much taken up with large & varied shipments I cannot today enter the details required by the rest of your letter relative to wines, to samples, & to the Cunninghamia you so kindly intend for me.  It will be my duty in a day or two to write fully on those subjects; meanwhile I would say that you will hear of Charles Barton at 14 George street Mansion [glouse?] place City; where he goes daily; or at his father's mansion 30 Grosvenor Square.  I wrote to him yesterday to give your address in Arlington St [indecipherable] I foolishly forgot to put down the number which is as much as missing it altogether, but I added you were to be [heard?] of at Messrs plerries Fr & Co.
I hope you excuse my being so brief to day and that you believe me with great regard
Dear Sir
Yours very faithfully
P.F. Guestier

The [broker?] of the Citizen is Mr [indecipherable]

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