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kept in suspicion, and I feel it incumbent upon me to renew my previous recommendations as to keeping especially the districts of Campbelltown, Liverpool, Fairfield, Guildford and Sherwood under observation and even frequent inspections during the coming warm season as the sooner the insect will be detected, the less difficulties and expenses there will be to stop its spreading and depredations: to facilitate such observations and inspections by the interested parties themselves, a short notice upon the insect with coloured small diagrams, might be distributed freely from the Government printing office amongst the growers of the Colony.

At various intervals and before finally concluding my work, I visited again personally, or send Mr Edelfelt to visit, the several vineyards where I have stated the presence of the insect, so at to observe its movements here and compare these with the evolutions of the same insect in other countries.

At yesterday's date, 31 August, the

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