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3. Queens Place Sydney
15th May 1857

To the Honorable
James Macarthur M.L.A,
Camden Park.

Dear Sir
With reference to our conversation at Camden on Tuesday last.  I have agreeably with your request, at my earliest opportunity endeavoured here to propose a plan to carry out the object - now for your consideration 
"Wine in Wood" --   All sales of Wine in Wood - a commission of 10 per cent to be allowed  This charge you will please observe. involves the following.  An [indecipherable] of your wines making quick sales, and the advancement of [price?] general use on the market from the high reputation they have already acquired, then the following expenses.
Making sales to trustworthy persons some on credit others on cash --  Labour -- Receiving at store and delivery of the wine racking & filling up (as the Case

Current Status: 
Ready for review