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[indecipherable] itself - When we next ship to the Australian Club we will send a couple of Cases [Pints?] of a good table wine. 
We quite agree with you here in your opinion of the 1848's  -   They are such full bodied wine that we only drink them in winter - In summer they are too potent.  We have a very nice light vintage drinking just now - that is 1861 but I am afraid it would be rather light for going to the Antipodes - 1862's however which have just been bottled will turn out very fine and 1864 is coming round beautifully in wood and by most people is considered as one of the best vintages on record.
It appears saying a great deal, but it reminds one of 1834 and 1847.  The [1858's?] in bottle are very good but they are virtually finished and very expensive wines.  
In fact after been so ill treated by the weather and oidium we are looking forward to abundant crops and our estates being in particularly fine order, we shall I am convinced be able to satisfy [indecipherable] and give good wines without going to excessive prices, which always stop consumption

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