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that at home keeping clear of our bad habits the evil arising from excess of bonafide though erroneous speculation will work their own cure, for you do not raise your 100,000 best hands yearly & by compulsion to make them soldiers.  There is no use in preaching the English system here & I don't know how long it may before we come to practice the foreign commercial policy pointed out in the Emperors letter of 5th January last --  Besides the home policy which directly contradicts or contradicts the foreign; there are prejudices of every kind to overcome.  However, imports of raw material, of sugar, coffee of indigo & have come in at a nominal or greatly reduced duty.  Among the former is wool.
A cargo of the finest as well as commonest from Australia was put up for public sale, three or four weeks ago; & I think it may be useful to yourself or friends interested in the growth of wool & in the extension of its export from your shores, to have the details for which I can vouch as I made it a point to attend &, by the first brokers get [indecipherable] the details I could not well hear myself.  I have

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